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“Where great lyrics meet great rap beats, great money is to be made. If only finding great beats were easy…” – Taz, the Maynian Rapper.

Hi, I’m Kyle Cassaday, rapper, producer, and founder of SoundSprinkle Rap Beats. Consider me your personal producer. For the last 4 years I’ve studied the ins and outs of classical music theory both on my own, and in a college classroom, uncovering the essence of music. Fueled by the ever-burning question “how can I utilize the wisdom of classical music theorists like Alfred Whitford to make better rap beats,” I found there to be many answers. Ecstatically, I listened as the quality of my beats morphed from ghetto to professional with every music book and program I devoured. Eventually, I even mastered the How to Write Songs that Sell program, (that massive collection over there in blue.) I am now 100 percent focused on producing great rap beats.

And I want to help you achieve your dreams.

Trust me. I know first-hand how difficult it is to create great music. Writing good lyrics is challenging. Finding quality, professional rap beats for cheap is nearly impossible. I bet you’ve scanned many sites like this one before. I’m sure you found their pricing and licensing schemes appalling.

So did I.

Grizzly Beatz Makes Great Rap Beats

One of the better sites to buy good rap beats is Grizzly Beatz. To this day they still have some of the most professional sounding, high-quality Soundclick Beats available. The only issue I have with them is pricing. As of September 24, 2016, (the last time I checked the Grizzly Beatz and Insane Beatz websites,) when you buy one of Grizzly Beatz Soundclick Beats, you are prompted to choose between 4 pricing options: basic lease, premium lease, trackout lease, and unlimited rights. (You can also find this information under their header entitled “Licensing Info.”)

Take their basic lease for example, which specifies you’ll receive your mp3 file as your beat. The price then was $25.00 for each rap beat you choose under a basic leasing license. Roughly, this is what the Licensing Info section says. (I put my reactions in parenthesis:)

  • Get an untagged mp3 of your beat (It better be untagged for 25 dollars!)
  • You can sell up to 2500 copies (Whoa, your limiting how much money I could make off the song that I bought… I’m paying 25 dollars, bud!)
  • You can stream the beat on video and two radio stations can play it (Well duh, of course I could stream it on video, I gave you cash for it! But you’re telling me how many radio stations I can play it on? Outrageous!)
  • You don’t have to pay royalty (Well that’s good. If I was signed to a record label and they gave me a beat, I’d be paying a lot of royalty)
  • They can still sell your beat (That’s expected. I only paid 25 dollars)
  • You must credit Grizzly Beatz (That’s fair. You bet I will)

I couldn’t get used to idea of leasing something from Grizzly Beatz. It wasn’t like going to the music store and buying it. I never actually owned it. It was more like going to Redbox, renting a movie, and now Redbox is telling me where I can play the movie, and with who I could watch it with. The only difference with Redbox and Grizzly Beatz is that Grizzly Beatz is over 20 times more expensive! And after I handed over the cash, they still had full control over what I could do with their beat. This was ensured by United States law. Did I want to buy rap beats elsewhere?

You bet I did.

Insane Beatz Makes Great Beats Too

I also recommend Insane Beatz. I’ve bought a couple of cheap rap beats from them in the past and I’ve got to tell you, they sound really good. They are mostly mainstream though. As long as you’re in to that. The only bone I have to pick with them, is again, their prices. Oh and also their beats playing on auto-play when you first get to their site. (If I wanted to hear their song I’d push play.)

As of the same date mentioned above, Insane Beatz offers 4 beats for $30, a much cheaper alternative to Grizzly Beats. The downside of buying from Insane Beatz is that they lease their beats for that price – not sell them. So where are kind of back in that Redbox situation.

By now you might be asking:

Where, then, can I go to avoid sticky licensing schemes?

SoundSprinkle. Unique Rap Beats For Sale – Not for Lease

Welcome to the future.

Buying beats means no longer means leasing. I am your guide and mentor for achieving your every musical goal and every glittery dream. I am here to help you generate all the cash you and your crew can handle:

Clean, cold, green cash.

Oh, and did I mention groupies… You’ve seen girls gone wild with Snoop Dogg…

It’s time to make some money.

But first, you need to understand stuff. Browse the menu on the top of the page; see any licensing info links? No? Right, that’s because SoundSprinkle Rap Beats are not for lease – they are for sale. I don’t play those retarded leasing games. I won’t make you keep track of how many songs you sell. You don’t have to renew your lease when my greedy contract expires. I won’t sue you. Honestly, I don’t care what you do with your rap beats. They’re YOUR BEATS. You don’t need to agree to a contract.

Exclusive beats? Sell them, remix them, make thousands of copies, and hand them out.

Underground Beats? Lace with sick lyrics. Sell a trillion copies. Make some good money.

As with all Rap Beats by SoundSprinkle:
  • Sell as many copies as you’d like
  • Broadcast on unlimited radio stations
  • Never pay me anything (after purchase of course)
  • Perform until the world is sick of you

And basically the opposite of anything else you’ve read in a website selling rap beats. This is essentially MY leasing info section.

Secondly, to get you pointed on your path to success, I need to introduce you to my rap beats. Let me tell you a little about them.

SoundSprinkle Rap Beats is all about the Underground Baby

As noted in the beginning, SoundSprinkle specializes in exclusive and underground rap beats. Technically, even my exclusives rap beats are underground. The main distinction is I sell my exclusive beats only once, to one rapper – never to anyone else. This includes before, or after purchase. I do this because I know if I were buying a beat this is how I would want to do it.

As for the two websites mentioned above, and pretty much any other site I’ve been to, exclusive beats are technically not even exclusive. On every other website they are sold hundreds, if not millions of times before they are taken off the shelf. This means that that expensive $800 exclusive beat you finally saved up enough to buy? It’s actually the beat that hundreds of rappers have already used and abused.

Learning this is like hooking up and falling in love only to find out later that more than a fair share of people you know have already been on that road with her.

I say ditch those instrumentals masquerading around like exclusive beats, and go with a more attractive option.

Exclusive Beat from SoundSprinkle? Are You Really what You Seem?

The buyer of one of my exclusive instrumentals is literally the only rapper in the world with that beat. I hand over all rights to him. If you buy an exclusive beat from me, I make an iron clad promise that no one else has, ever had, or ever will have the instrumental you choose… And when you buy it, you receive all rights and exclusivity. This makes your lyrics shine without the possibility of your audience recognizing your beat from elsewhere. But this level of exclusivity comes with a price. Exclusive beats range from $399.99 to $799.99. However, I also allow you to bid on it. All bids on my exclusive beats start at $50. If you are the highest bidder by the next US Pacific time morning, I send you a link for the price you bid.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a little exclusivity for a bargain, then my underground and trap beats are just for you. Produced artfully with a unique, underground hip-hop feel, these underground rap instrumentals and trap beats and are just as sick as the exclusives, just a heck of a lot cheaper. In fact, whether my next beat ends up in the exclusive collection or in my underground collection is entirely arbitrary. I base my decision on where I put my last beat. If I put the last one in the underground beat collection, then I put my next one in the exclusive collection and vice-versa. That way I keep the two collections even.

Oh and did I mention that all my underground beats are priced $4.99 each? This includes the good and great ones. I don’t charge more for quality: $4.99 – always.

So mine for gems and take home the sparkly ones.

Make away like a bandit…

Don’t worry about licensing schemes.

I don’t blame you for hating them.

Specializing in Exclusive and Underground Rap Beats
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